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1- Administration

Each trainee must have the following with them:

       A valid, curent passeport

       Their international certificate of vaccination

       Their mission orders

       4 ID photos, in military attire,

       Their medical file.

 2- Medical

Mandatory vaccinations: yellow fever, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis), typhus, hepatitis A and B.

 3- Physical

The fitness tests are not eliminatory but will allow the instructors to judge the level of the trainees. Even so, the 3rd REI has the right to exclude any trainee whose level of fitness may present a danger to them during the training activities.

Each trainee should be capable of carrying out the following, at the beginning of the course:

-         A battle march, in battledress, without personal equipment, of 8 KM (5miles) in less than 50 minutes.

-         25 pushups.

-         30 squats.

-         8 chins.

-         40 sit-ups

-         Climb a 6M rope using only your arms.

-         Swim, in battledress, without personal equipment: without stopping: dive-in, swim 100M then swim underwater for 10M, all in less than 4 minutes.

-         Tread water; in battledress, without personal equipment, in a vertical position, without lateral displacement, without external means, and hold for 15 minutes.

-         Swimming in a natural environment (still waters): in battledress, without personal equipment, over a distance of 400M in less than 20 minutes, without the use of external means.

-         Combat obstacle course in battledress: a circuit of 500 meters composed of 15 obstacles

-         Climb a 6M rope, with patrol pack (5Kg), personal equipment and personal weapon, using arms and legs.

 4- Linguistic

The lessons are for the most part given in French.

 Each trainee should have a basic knowledge of French. The trainee will know the following french vocabulary.

Stage Jaguar vocabulaire (.xls / 35,50 Ko)

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