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French Guyana has been a French overseas territory since 1946. With a surface area of 90 000km², it is covered, at 92%, by tropical rain forest.

236 000 inhabitants, most of which are installed along the 378km of Atlantic coastline, live in French Guyana. Some indigenous populations can be found in the central portion and live mostly from the lands natural resources.

In the major towns, Cayenne, Saint Laurent du Maroni and Kourou, you find a very cosmopolitan population. This overseas territory is bordered by Brazil to the east and Suriname to the west.  The climate in French Guyana is characterised by 4 seasons, shown in the following table:


The principal towns of Cayenne and Kourou offer very little choice in camping and bivouac equipment and prices are generally very high. The currency is the euro: 1€ = 1$ US.

The tropical forest training center (CEFE) was set up on the banks of the river Approuague, in one of the rainiest areas of the territory.  Even though it is situated at approximately 70 kilometers from the sea the training area is still affected by the tide.  Isolated, the training center has no possibility for resupply of personal equipment. Future trainees are strongly advised to acquire all the necessary equipment and articles of personal comfort before the course starts.

Your plane will arrive at Cayenne’s “Félix Eboué” airport. Personnel from the 3rd REI will greet you and transport you to camp “FORGET” in Kourou, where you will spend your first week.

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