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Health advice

French Guyana is situated in the tropics where a certain number of illnesses call for particular healthcare measures.

Prior physical preparation, protective measures against the numerous illnesses and ailments, rigorous personal hygiene all contribute to reducing the impact this hostile environment has on your health and wellbeing.

The trainees must be vaccinated against: yellow fever, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and poliomyelitis), typhus, hepatitis A and B.

They must also be in possession of the following:

       International certificate of vaccination.

       Medical file.

During the course, first aid is the trainee’s responsibility.  They should have a personal first aid kit with at least the minimum necessary to disinfect small wounds athlete’s foot and fungal infections, to purify water and anti-malarial for the duration of the course.

The course takes place during the rainy season so proper care of feet (regular drying and treatment) is primordial to passing this course in the best of health.

The local medical backup is provided by the CEFE medical staff during the whole course.

The sick bay will provide, as well, an anti-malarial in sufficient quantity for the duration of the course.  It will also provide 2 insect repellant sprays, for use on skin, and 1 for use on clothes for each trainee.

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