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The Jaguar International Course

The course is designed to train officers and NCOs :For combat in a rain forest environment from squad to platoon level.In tactics, techniques and procedures specific to the jungle.  To be able to follow and pass this course, it is essential to be:In excellent physical condition.Have a solid mental attitude. This course is difficult as it takes place, in its totality, in the jungle.  It makes great demands on the candidates’ robustness, their strength of character and their command abilities.The following information ...

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French Guyana has been a French overseas territory since 1946. With a surface area of 90 000km², it is covered, at 92%, by tropical rain forest. 236 000 inhabitants, most of which are installed along the 378km of Atlantic coastline, live in French Guyana. Some indigenous populations can be found in the central portion and live mostly from the lands natural resources.In the major towns, Cayenne, Saint Laurent du Maroni and Kourou, you find a very cosmopolitan population. This overseas territory is bordered by Brazil to the east and Suriname to ...

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1- AdministrationEach trainee must have the following with them:       A valid, curent passeport       Their international certificate of vaccination       Their mission orders       4 ID photos, in military attire,       Their medical file. 2- Medical Mandatory vaccinations: yellow fever, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis), typhus, hepatitis A and B. 3- PhysicalThe fitness ...

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Health advice

French Guyana is situated in the tropics where a certain number of illnesses call for particular healthcare measures. Prior physical preparation, protective measures against the numerous illnesses and ailments, rigorous personal hygiene all contribute to reducing the impact this hostile environment has on your health and wellbeing.The trainees must be vaccinated against: yellow fever, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and poliomyelitis), typhus, hepatitis A and B.They must also be in possession of the following:       ...

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1- Equipment you must bring Equipment on your person-  Battledress, cyclist’s shorts, bush hat, boots.- Personal equipment, watertight bags and pouches, machete (with a wrist lanyard and a sheath), water bottle, steel mug.-  Small sharpener for machete, or sharpening stone-  Compass, whistle, knife, carabiner.- Survival kit: torch, lighter, small mirror, pieces of candle, energy bars, anti-malarial and water purification tablets, Para cord, insect repellant, ChemLights.- Small fishing kit.-   First aid: ...

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The Jaguar International Course


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