1- Equipment you must bring

 Equipment on your person

-  Battledress, cyclist’s shorts, bush hat, boots.

- Personal equipment, watertight bags and pouches, machete (with a wrist lanyard and a sheath), water bottle, steel mug.

-  Small sharpener for machete, or sharpening stone

-  Compass, whistle, knife, carabiner.

- Survival kit: torch, lighter, small mirror, pieces of candle, energy bars, anti-malarial and water purification tablets, Para cord, insect repellant, ChemLights.

- Small fishing kit.

-   First aid: tweezers, plasters, antiseptic, analgesics, at least.

-   Ear plugs, spare laces, duct tape, string hammock.

-   GPS.

-  Waterproof notebook and wet write pencils or pens.


 Back pack

-         Ridge rope, 10M long and 6mm in diameter, minimum.

-         Tarpaulin.

-         6 elastic tensioners.

-         Poncho.

-         2nd water bottle.

-         Waterproof bag or watertight barrel.

-         Hammock with 2 end ropes, 4M long and mosquito-net.

-         Poncho liner.

-         Knife, fork and spoon set.

-         Shooter safety glasses/goggles

-         Complete change of clothes: battledress, tee-shirts, socks.

-         Over head, anti-mosquito net.

-         Footwear for the bivouac site: Trainers or Crocks.

-         Personal hygiene kit: soap with a small cord, razor and blades, a small toothbrush and toothpaste some antiseptic body lotion (in a non glass container) a small brush.

-         Sewing kit: various size needles, thread, small gauge steel wire (snare wire), a small nail.

-         Boot cleaning kit.

-        First aid: talc, insect repellant, anti-malarial tablets and water purification tablets, athlete’s foot cream, vitamins, nail clippers, analgesics, antiseptic, rehydration salts.

-         Weapon cleaning kit, gun oil (Break-Free).

-         Small articles: insulation tape (100mph tape, duct tape), candles, lighters, freezer bags, camouflage face paint.

-         Note book, mapping pencils etc.

-         Gum shield.


Relief bag (supplementary effects)

-         Change of battledress and beret (headwear).

-         PT kit, shorts and tee-shirt plus track suit.

-         Boots

-         Underwear.

-         A hammock.

-         Swimming trunks.

-         Some Euros.

The trainees will join the course with a complete equipment. If necessary, some items could be draw at the QM store of the 3rd REI or bought by trainees at the PX.

The French trainees must also use the same equipments during the course and will draw them at their home units.

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